A change is as good as a rest 

I’ve been on a plateau, for a month now, a good one though, stuck at 14st 13. I’ve read articles that suggest keeping the body unawares helps burn fat, so this week, I’m cutting down the running probably to only do my hill sprints on Wednesday, I’ll concentrate on cardio and body weight sets this week. Things such as lunges, side lunges, reverse lunges, squats, spiderman or judo push ups, amongst star jumps, burpees etc.

Whilst I write this I’m walking Stella, I’ve stopped three times 15 lunges left forward, next stop 15 lunges right fwd, 20 narrow squats,10 side lunges as a fourth stop, 15 wide leg squats, 20 squats with alternate leg raise, A 10 second warrior3 from my yoga book. 

Whilst I’m.not gonna run, i am walking apparently a 3.5 mile pace, so I know if I pull myself up to my full 6ft height and engage my abs, I’ll still be burning the calories. 

Maybe some of you might suggest other cardio or bodyweight exercises I could throw in to burn the fat, and build muscle, because I know if you do I will, because I CAN I CAN I CAN you just watch me!!!!!!!!!!


12 thoughts on “A change is as good as a rest 

      1. You have my attention, im thinking about implementation, and i wonder (which would help my implementation) if this would help my fiancee who has ulcerative colitis? She doesnt have a great deal of flare ups, byt gets bloated, which i relate to “inflammation? “


      2. Absolutely! Her needs are probably greater than yours in that case.. There’s nothing better than both of you starting out at the same time. That’s what my wife and I did. When I was slacking and saw her killing it, it motivated me to try harder! What are you both waiting for?? Start NOW!! 👍😉👌🎉


      3. I wanna learn more but ( to use a fishing expression) im on the hook, just need landing but having ordered the shopping, pots, rice and pasta, but i could research more with your help, and implement bettet as of next weekend


      4. No probs. I have the benefit of 4 yrs hindsight and so maybe over trivialise the level of commitment that is required. It took me a few weeks of research/ convincing before I started, so I suggest you also do your own research and learn from others who have gone before. Start when you feel you are ready and feel free to a ask any q’s 😉👌👍🏻


      5. I’m convinced, it’s lou I need to convince, she does the shopping. Lol.
        I’ve emailed the link you gave me, as I think IF she reads it she’ll be convinced too.


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