Intermittent 2 miler 

A second shorter intermittent run around 2.5 miles. After walking half a mile to warm up I’d tlrun as far as I could at a good pace, walk far enough to catch my breath and repeat. 

It feels good to be ruñning again, even though my legs don’t agree, as they’re a little out of practice. 


Intermittent run 

I did my first run for a while last night, putting some cheap trainers thru their paces. They seemed to take it so I can start running again. 

I did just over 4 miles, walking and running at random, my little running mate Stella as usual. 

It felt great too, but I feel a little stiff the morning after. 

But it just goes to show, me at least, how my mindset is changing, I’m finding solutions, not being stopped by problems. 


Ch ch ch changes 

OK I’ve been virtually sugar free since February but I’m stalling, so the simplest change I can make is to chop my nuts in half, (now stop laughing and get ya minds out of the gutter) 

I’ve been having 80g of mixed nuts in my pack up for work, but Friday I deliberately reduced my amount to 50g and I didn’t miss the remainder. I had them there but I left them alone. 

So the calorific value has gone from 534 to 334 calories according to mfp.  I’ll report back this time next week if things change or not. 

step it up


ok so i am having a bit of a stall, ive tried varying things a little to no success, so this morning i added in a new HIIT work out,from you tube,  with 3 stages of

  1. spiderman push ups
  2. side jumps
  3. squats
  4. lunges
  5. fast feet

and repeat three times after a warm up of course. according to MFP the 20 minute  burns 250 calories, so that must help and i did that and walked Stella


all before having my 2 Weetabix, with just milk.

so far as i can see, ive eliminated all the sugar i can, so if this doesn’t work i shall start reducing the fats,






Reasons to be positive


well last week saw my first plateau, but then i did experiment with my intake, my fiber went thru the roof, creating unexpected problems. but then my calories were also relatively high.

So i am able to look back via my fitness pal on my dietary intake and see what was good and what wasn’t so good. however 14 stone 11 isn’t as bad as i was when i restarted this plan, and i’m doing well with my 10000 step schedule, achieving the goal 5 times last week which is not bad either, when you think about fitting it around a busy working schedule.

Also it helps that my Fiancee is doing a similar plan to me, so the unhealthy stuff is disappearing from the cupboards and it does help when we can motivate each other.

i shall weigh again tomorrow, and i shall hope for but not expect to have lost, as my intake over the weekend has been reduced, although yesterday i did indulge little with a portion of sticky toffee pudding but then i was celebrating my 45th birthday.

I also realise that I am rediscovering the more positive me, when i can see solutions rather then problems, the old me would have been frustrated, at plateauing but I’m not i’m researching why it happened.

Plus I’ve put in place another 2 parts of my plan to study, ive bought a second hand laptop,(which I’m writing this post with)and my fiancee is on board with, and aware of the plan.


Breaking thru 

Well well well

Reduced sugar is working, I weighed in this morning at 14 st 11 or 93.8kg. 

The strange thing is sugar when I have it now is a treat I don’t crave it anymore. I’m not suggesting it is easy, but I found it easy. The hardest part was a couple of sugar slumps, but I’m past them now. 

Another unexpected result of reducing my sugar is that I can taste things, especially salt.

I feel great too, I’m continuing to attempt 10000 steps a day and for now I’m holding back on the running until I need to break a plateau. 

It also occurs to me, I wonder what effect being less anxious has on my weight. 

But to bring back an old closing motto it just goes to prove I can i can i can you just watch me!!!!!!