There’s only one thing I like more than walking with my little mate Stella, and that’s fishing. But thats another story and for now I’ll content myself with walking. 

It’s 7am on Sunday morning and I’m turning, into the woods, from where I’ll soon be away from the noises of the main Berechurch Hall Rd. 

A crow or Rook craws above me somewhere, I’m suddenly aware that I’m vulnerable to being bombed, not sure whether accidental or targeted, as it’s happened before. 

The noise of car engines is quieter now, the soundscape is dominated by birdsong, a stoat runs across our path, unnoticed by stella. 

A pigeon coos nearby, and the latter part of the dawn chorus is a choir of many birds who’s identity I’ve no clue of. 

The sky is white, so white that if it were winter is expect snow, I recognise the oak trees and the odd evergreen pine but again my knowledge of the arborial diversity is equally weak. 

Warnings that we’re in military training grounds and not to touch any discarded ordnance punches it’s mechanical firm into an otherwise perfectly natural view. 

To my right, tall pine trees with very little foliage, except the last couple of metres of the top making a canopy. 

A cyclist speeds passed, uttering a “good morning” as I seek to stop stella wandering into his path. 

I cannot help but wonder at what some of these mighty oaks have seen in what is almost certainly a long lifetime. 

Even this, that fell during the storm in February clings to life.

A lone call in the sky that I still have no clue as to it’s identity, my footfall and stellas trip trap as she trots ahead of me, snorting like a young pig. 

The white of cowslip and blue or violet of the bluebells punches it’s way into the green scape. I turn, and ahead I see a locked gate which us designed to stop motorbikes getting into the woods unless they have the key, but unfortunately it fails on many occasions. 

I take a new path  Now, which runs parallel to the normal track, I’m in a field to my left trees and bushes, to my right the nearest tree at least 100M. 

Stella changed her approach, still ahead but not so far, and turns every 10 or 20M to check I’m still close by. 

The odd ssssww×www×@÷×wwe÷×@@aaapit of rain now awakens my senses but there’s little cover. A rabbit runs for cover, I’m uncertain if from the rain or more likely the approach of the descendent of the wolf, stella. 

A cow pat, reminds me that there are or soon wìll be cows nearby. 

The rain amounts to nothing really, light enough to not really soak but heavy enough to let you know of its presence. 

I’m back on my normal track now, stella has the scent of something but still stops to nite I’m nearby and following. 

A couple of dog owners make me pause my writing to get Stella back on her lead as she loves people but has a staffs defensive aggression towards other dogs except her beloved Rocky a golden retriever of a similar age.  

The end of my 2.5 mile walk draws close as a magpie takes to the sky, obviously aware of Stellas rep. Now a rabbit shepherds it’s young into cover for similar reason. 


Within range 

Stella and I are walking around the back of the ranges in Colchester Essex. It’s a beautiful sunny evening and we’ve walked around 2 miles so far.

I really am lucky where I live as within minutes I can be in the middle of nowhere, if you didn’t no better you d think you were miles from anywhere. 

Walking off my pasta dinner is motivation enough and the looming weigh in tomorrow morning. 

I’ve just over a mile to go, and stella 

Still has plenty of energy. 

My glutes are starting to complain but then this is the second distance walk of the day. 

For a nearly 9 year old stella is doing great for her chicken and rice with weetabix dinners as she has an irritable stomach and I can rarely out walk her as she always has plenty left when I’m ready to give up.

Colchester is (as far as I’m aware) the largest garrison town in the uk and I love seeing the ah64 apaches doing their drills in the woods  

5 minutes 

5 minutes  is all it takes to disappear and but for the noise you wouldn’t realise your near a sprawling urban town. 

As I’ve blogged quite often, Stella is probably my third therapist, if by some form if Harry Potter trickery she were able to speak I’d be toast, the amount I confide in her. 

Friday woods are a mixture of evergreen, brown gold and red, as the leaves die off into winter. 

As I blogged in me time I can’t think of much more relaxing than putting Stella on the lead, weather allowing. it’s easy to disappear for a couple of hours covering 5 or 6 miles. 

Me time 

In this fast paced, social media driven world people forget one of the biggest lessons the chimp paradox teaches. 

Me time a time to reflect on the day, week, month etc examine how it went, what you could have done better, and fir balance what went well. we’re quick to criticise ourself but rarely praise. 

My me time is generally walking the dog 

Out in the woods unless we bump into a friend the time and space for 45 minutes twice a day is mine. I can blog, chuck sticks for Stella and think. it’s as close as I can get to the feeling I used to get when I went fishing, which for now is on hold. 

Power walk

Feeling a little like I may have a cold coming, but not wanting it too affect my regime too much, I added a 45 minute power walk with Stella thru the woods tonight.

After the first 2 days of this week over I am feeling jinxed, yesterday I backed into a post damaging my van, £350 down the pan. Today I make a toilet stop and come out to find a cement truck has damaged the same van, I suppose being positive it means I won’t have to pay the £350.

Yesterday my sister had more tests, on her leg, but no results, we are for the momen remaining positive.
Because I CAN I CAN I CAN you just watch me!!!!!!!!


First run of the week, constant 11kph run for 20 minutes, sweating and showered.

I’ve been a little lazy fitnesswise this week, but following a suggestion from one of my followers, spent the last 2 days virtually bread free, apart from one bridge roll with dinner yesterday.

Had 2 days to get my head around my sister having PEComa, a rare firm of bone cancer, however having spoken properly to her, we’ll know more monday, after she’s had another Mri, but they don’t seem to be worried, about it spreading, as they’ve already had blood tests.
Although she is prob gonna end up having a plastic knee and top third of her shin.
We’re trying to keep her positive, and tbh I’ve spoken to her more in the last 7 days than I have all year.


Oh well, I can do this, because I CAN I CAN I CAN you just watch me!!!!!

No rest for the belly fat

Usual start. Coffee then dog on the lead into the woods.
60 squats
2 mins of step ups,
2×10 jump squats
1 min of step ups
2×10 legs raised push ups
2 60m sprints
1 minutes fast rotation punching

Burn fat burn

I’ll go home and have a handful of chicken breast, and a banana and probably some warm lemon water.

Weighed myself yesterday, after all my activity this week really thought my plateau would be broken but no.
I’m not giving up, failure is a lesson, and an opportunity to rethink and start again.

I think my workout thus morning is enough to prove I’m not giving up and that I CAN I CAN I CAN you just watch me!!!!!!!!!!!