The underbelly 

I have always been interested in how or why things work. It’s led to me understanding on a simplistic level, induction, compression, explosion, exhaust the principals of the car induction  Engine. 

I had reason to have a short session of counselling a few years back, and it didn’t really work, at first. Now I know why 

Having read another chapter of Emma Tripplet’s new book Stepping out of the clouds I wonder if it was the wrong therapy for me, cognitive behaviour therapy or cbt. But having read the chimp paradox and partly Emma’s book I understand what’s happening so I can implement it, because I CAN build a plan, I honestly think that is why I have found the 2 books so empowering. 


Why running works for me 

As I’ve said, when I realised I was free falling into depression, I was advised to get in touch with my old positive self, and one of the most positive things I did was running, aged 11 I ran the opening Fun Run of 6.5 miles where I grew up. I also years later dud the first Empire run 3.5 miles to raise funds for our local cinema. Joining the Raf when I was 17 I had to run, 1.5 miles in 11 minutes. And now I run because the buzz when I finish charges me up for the day ahead. 

I must stress Again,  I’m no expert but it appears that when I run,  I burn off the excess adrenaline in my system,  allowing the serotonin to boss my system. 

There was a time when I would have read a post like this and thought “yeah Bull…t” but I changed my thinking and I’ve changed my life. 

I CAN I CAN I CAN you just watch me!!!!!!!!!!

25 minutes varied circuits


25 minutes of combined cardio, yoga, strength and stretching burnt 206 calories.
Why am I doing this, because I can, because I want to. If you’ve read some of my other posts, you know that in January I felt I was heading for depression, but with two brilliant mentors I turned it around.
The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that I control who I am, and what I am. The mood I am in.
The fitness regime is part of this, while I write this I am watching SAS who dares wins, a channel 4 show in which ex special services put a group of wannabes thru aspects of the selection for the SAS.
When I was 17 I git my dream shot and joined the RAF but personnel events git the better of me, and in all honesty I realise now I quit my dream. This has happened in other ways a couple of times more, but although I’m now 43 this year has made me more determined, more positive and more definite that I will never be a quitter again.


This little lady is my daughter, I want to be the person who inspires her to wanna do better every day, be the best she possibly can be, and the only way I can do that is show her me at my best.
I am driven, now I am the most positive I have been for a long time.


My other motivation is my fiance, i love her more than words, she keeps me on my toes and wanting to be better, and do things I’ve been to lazy to be bothered to in the past.
But now I know that I CAN I CAN I CAN you just watch  me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Surreal thoughts pt 2

Today is a slightly enforced break day, training wise at least, but as I caned my body yesterday on top of my run doing an hours circuit’s, every muscle aches today.
Today whilst drivong I had another surreal thought however this one I’m sure there’s an answer to, Why is there 2 conflicting units of measure, Imperial and metric.
Assuming that imperial by its very name referring to Empire is the older, who’s reasoning saw fit to replace the inch, foot, yard and mile etc with the mm, cm. METRE and km.
I know I measure my stats in stones and lbs, and feet and Inches, and only use the metric where metric is a required input for an app or some other form.
Equally I know there is a reason but why change from pounds, shilling and d’s, to the decimal system.

Another thought while listening to Jeremy vine on radio 2, and the tirade of abusive tweets towards the only remaining lion ramer in the uk, complaining at the caging of the like of lions and tigers, whom in essence i agree with, i wonder whether they have a dog or a cat, and if theyd have us unleash both species, into a wild on which theyd surely not survive.

My point I suppose is if it ain’t broke why fix it.

Retail therapy FOR A GUY?

Another shopping trip, this time mainly me, a whole ensemble to go with my new boots 


Why is it women think we men, can’t shop, well in my case apparently I’ve not got a clue, even my family say Louise has given me a taste over haul, and colour and combinations.

One body warmer BLUE
2 jerseys blur and red
One man bag.
To go with the 4 t shirts bought yesterday and aforementioned boots.
Along with amother pub lunch, this time on me.nachos followed by a 12oz medium steak, chips and peas. I will be writing the Swan at Marks Tey a shining review, generous portions, brilliant atmosphere. Only negative it doesn’t say the nacho starter is a share plate.

I think Clarence and My better halves chimp, have had some fun over the last 2 days, but it was nice to see Lou smile, at my doing, things have been hard lately and my little windfall, has been a welcome distraction.

Another job off the list completed, my summer gear into hibernation and my winter gear unpacked.

I CAN I CAN I CAN you just watch me!!!!!!!