Another beautiful morning 

It’s  7am on the Sunday of Mayday weekend and I’m up and out with my ever faithful hound Stella. The sun is shining, shadows are long because the sun is still low in the eastern sky

 Various birdsong fills the air with only the crunch of my footfall disturbing an otherwise peaceful scene. 

A pigeons call breaks through the birdsong and apart from the odd fallen or dead tree everything is green, multiple shades of green offset by a virtually cloudless blue sky. 

My eyes pick out the oaks and the odd pinetree but I’ve little knowledge if the identities of most and my knowledge of the birdsong is equally vague. 

A conker  (horse chestnut) tree laden with flowers pricks memories of me with my grandad lobbing a stick at the freshest conkers taking them home and stringing them to play conkers the following day. But then health and safety has outlawed that or made it so bogged down in safety that kids can’t play the game unsupervised. 

A distant inquisitive fox checks Stella and I out and obviously considers us a threat as it turns and runs, either we’re nowhere near it’s set or it’s leading us off, 

A new border of blue flowerheads this time not blue bell but apparently a flowering nettle. 

Electricity pylons now break my perfect view, a mechanized reminder that these Roman woods are living a modern existence and that I am only minutes away from the civilization of Colchester or as the Romans knew it Camolodunum. 

The pylons are past us, and we veer right along a naturally made tunnel of trees interwoven. 

Looking up a few passenger liners vapour trails reminder further of the modern times, now two magpie scatter as stella hurdles toward them and she gives me that look as if to say that’s not fair or is this a hunt or just a pointless ramble. 

Now a rabbit scarpers for equal reason into the hedgerow, the tunnel breaks, stella has the scent of something, looking at me as if to say come on let’s go after it. 

A new birdsong, sounding like a kids laser gun, must be close as it dominates the landscape. 

If my mother in law or my partner Louise were with me now I’m sire they’d identify all or most of the flora and fauna but sadly neither are, as Lou has ailments that limit her walking and my mother in law is 20 miles away and would have equal problems with the distance. 

Suddenly I notice my mind has disengaged and is wondering emotionally I ‘re engage my mind picking up this post, continuing to write, I’ve been actively engaging my mind a lot lately from the guidance if Emma Triplets book Stepping out of the clouds instead of being depressed by the news on the radio I’m listening to more and more audio books. 

My walk draws near to a close as we pass Rockys home. Rocky is a golden retriever and stella one true friend who stella will always look out for. 


Distance walk no2

I’m starting a week off work, and had to take my van back down the yard, so I thought I’d kill 2 birds with one stone, by walking Stella back. 

45 minutes 3.2 miles, a fairly quickly pace.

Most of the walk is pavement which will have helped with Stella’s claws, with a half mile stretch across the ranges where she was able to do what I needed her to do. 

My aim for the 9 days of my break is to complete 10000 steps plus every day. It’s an easily achievable target, that will require a little effort.

 Hopefully so long as I can maintain my discipline re the low sugar approach I should continue to lose weight and inches. Although I don’t consider myself to be overweight I would like to shift a little and maintain that target. 

Back in the game 

A couple of weeks sabbatical cane to an end today,  yesterday’s painful twinge in my calf hasn’t even niggles and I managed 11 miles walking yesterday. 

So I set Runtastic for a 25 minute interval run. normal one 10 minute warm up,  five fast and slow alternating minutes,  and 5 minutes cool down. I continued walking the remaining 2 miles home. 

Stella my compadre and running mate was actually giving me sarcastic looks as if to say is this seriously the best you can do. 

But man it felt good 


Getting faster 

Same 25 minute interval set, but approximately half a mile further. 

10 minute warm up, fast paced walk 5x1run 1fast walk and a 5 min cool down from the Runtastic app. 

I’m surprised how effective this interval regime is, well you are only running for 5 minutes, next time I may jog the slow sections but speed walk the warm up and cool down. 

The results the same though I am at least controlling my weight, which has seems steady around 15stone. 

Heavy week 

It’s been a heavy week, work wise, and my running and weight have suffered for it. I only ran once and that was a 40 minute interval run (10 minute warm up 10x 1 min fast 1 min slow and 10 minute slow down) in which I managed my first three miler for some time. 

I have however courtesy of Runtastic been doing daily press ups, squats and the odd chin up. 

My weight however, I’ve put on 7lbs which I’m not happy about, but then I know I’ll get it off again if I can get some proper runs in this week. 

But then I CAN I CAN I CAN you just watch me!!!!!!!!!!

Bedraggled pampered pooch


Stella,  getting blow dried,  by her mum after insisting on going for her morning walk,  in torrential rain!

Yesterday we did another 4.5 mile interval run,  which saw me do 0.6 warm up,  6 sets of Run 0.2 walk 0.1 and a 0.6 slow down plus a little extra allowing for losing signal near the end.

However today was definitely a day for wellies,  maybe even chest waders, an umbrella and a rather disgruntled dog,  who would not go to the toilet,  as the ground was,  strangely,  wet. Still we walked 1.8 miles,  and weather allowing ill stay on target to do 4 miles a day over my fortnight off.

The weather does sound like it’s against me the remainder of this week,  but you know you can’t keep a good man down and I CAN I CAN I CAN you just watch me! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Bonus Run


Took advantage of Stella’s disgusting flatulence, this afternoon, to have a bonus run.
Set the pace at 13 minute mile, managed 11.30 average for 1.52 miles.
Don’t know if this is run of w3 or run 1 of w4. But a run it is. I’m using the rest of the walk to cool down, and hopefully get rid of Stella’s


flatulence, which I assure you is seriously potent, and not something I wish to inhale after lunch.

The weather isn’t great but not wet, but the woods are coming to life, more greens and reds, slowly fill the horizon, day by day than browns of autumn and winter.
I am definitely enjoying, looking fir the positives, again after quite a heavy winter psychologically speaking but then you know I will, because you know I CAN I CAN I CAN you just watch me!!!!!!!!