Reasons to be positive


well last week saw my first plateau, but then i did experiment with my intake, my fiber went thru the roof, creating unexpected problems. but then my calories were also relatively high.

So i am able to look back via my fitness pal on my dietary intake and see what was good and what wasn’t so good. however 14 stone 11 isn’t as bad as i was when i restarted this plan, and i’m doing well with my 10000 step schedule, achieving the goal 5 times last week which is not bad either, when you think about fitting it around a busy working schedule.

Also it helps that my Fiancee is doing a similar plan to me, so the unhealthy stuff is disappearing from the cupboards and it does help when we can motivate each other.

i shall weigh again tomorrow, and i shall hope for but not expect to have lost, as my intake over the weekend has been reduced, although yesterday i did indulge little with a portion of sticky toffee pudding but then i was celebrating my 45th birthday.

I also realise that I am rediscovering the more positive me, when i can see solutions rather then problems, the old me would have been frustrated, at plateauing but I’m not i’m researching why it happened.

Plus I’ve put in place another 2 parts of my plan to study, ive bought a second hand laptop,(which I’m writing this post with)and my fiancee is on board with, and aware of the plan.



Breaking thru 

Well well well

Reduced sugar is working, I weighed in this morning at 14 st 11 or 93.8kg. 

The strange thing is sugar when I have it now is a treat I don’t crave it anymore. I’m not suggesting it is easy, but I found it easy. The hardest part was a couple of sugar slumps, but I’m past them now. 

Another unexpected result of reducing my sugar is that I can taste things, especially salt.

I feel great too, I’m continuing to attempt 10000 steps a day and for now I’m holding back on the running until I need to break a plateau. 

It also occurs to me, I wonder what effect being less anxious has on my weight. 

But to bring back an old closing motto it just goes to prove I can i can i can you just watch me!!!!!!

1000 calories 

As I write this I’m on my fourth walk with Stella of the day, I’ve already clocked up 23000 steps approximately 12 miles. According to the apps on my phone including mfp which collates all my calories and activity my walks of 

  • 2.5 mile 
  • 3.5 mile 
  • 4.5 mile 

And the one I’m on now,  have burnt a total of 1000 calories. 

I’m not sure that Stella is so impressed, I think she wants me too go back to work by the look on her face. 

On top of that I’ve again come in at under 80g of sugar only 51g to be precise.  

New year resolutions 

I made five new years resolution

  1. To read more, I’ve documented my reading activity, most of January was,about sociology. I am now onto psychology. 
  2. To go sugar free this was more a February led thing,but I’ve documented my approach, to this and it’s going well. 
  3. Manage money better, we’re getting stronger and stronger,nearly debt free. 
  4. Blog at least 3 times a week, I think this is obviously going well, having begun a second more targeted blog the amateur socio psychologist 
  5. Speak to at least 4 strangers a day this came from thought for the day on BBC radio2, as you never know who you may encounter in your daily lives. 

I think my resolutions are going well, and just go to reinforce how a positive can do attitude can help you achieve anything. 

Back to basics 

Following a suggestion from a trusted source on twitter I have created a new blog for my deeper sociology and psychology posts the amateur socio psychologist so that I can use this blog fir what I intended. 

As I write I’m walking my best buddy 


I’m keeping my sugar intake low, although it is difficult, especially to know what the good sugars are, obviously the white stuff is banned, not even in my tea anymore, or my breakfast. 

What has surprised me is how much sugar is about. Limiting to 80g is not easy when my pack lunch contains

  • 1 banana 
  • 1 or 2 apples 
  • 1 or 2 clementines 
  • Breakfast biscuit x3 (only 9g sugar between all)
  • Sandwich, well as thin to be precise often with mustard and corned beef. 

When you add a hearty dinner, which I’m walking off now, it can get pretty close. 

But those of you who’ve followed my journey so far know that I get to a plateau then get stuck, well I’m hoping the evil sugar is the key to that plateau.