A vast Range of wildlife 

Sadly not my photo, nor is it one from the ranges but I’m told they’re there on the middlewick ranges. 

It was only yesterday that I found out, that this diverse natural habitat is under threat from developers, whose greed would eventually destroy every green or brown belt piece of land that Man can inhabit. 

Soon there’ll be no where for the dogs,  how many species have disappeared through man’s greed. 

Soon perhaps within our grandchildren lifetime birdsong will be a thing only heard in museums. They’ll be a myth like the dragons of old. 

Well stella and I are off to explore walk with us on an adventure you may soon not be able to follow. 
The sun is s glorious warmth on my back in a virtually cloudless sky, 

I’ve written before about how easily you can escape the urban sprawling that is Colchester, within minutes you could open your eyes and be unaware that your even in Colchester, but know that equally it’s there within minutes if your lost. 

The view only minutes into the Ranges a rich diversity of colours, tge furst thing tgat bits me is the silence

Could this pile of logs hide an Adder or it’s nest I’ve no clue. 

What species of tiny butterfly is this 

A couple of glorious blue Damsel flies, is there water nearby a dragon fly, a magpie a distant dig owner

The fence separates the shooting range from the public.  

A lowly cabbage white crosses our path once so common now an extraordinary sight. 

Ok developers riddle me this, we only need housing because if we shut the gates post brexit your homes will be unoccupied but this lush habitat will be gone forever