A misty dawn chorus 

It’s early on Friday morning, stella and I are walking the trees are a cacophony of sound, rabbits scatter their warning, Dog on the prowl. 

In the distance I hear a foxes scream like call. 

There’s little brown left in the hedges and verges as summer has it’s hold, the winter is banished. 

Yellows, greens, white and blue, butttercuos I’ve not seen for a long time. 

Graffiti can be a beautiful thing but this is no Banksy. 

As another arborial canopy approached, so the cacophony increases again.

A new sound, a cuckoo without a doubt, unless I’m mistaken a thief, not of shiny things like the magpie, but of other nests. 

Either there are some big beavers around or somebody cannot afford the fuel to go to the tip although it can t be bad for the environment. 

The thing I find strange is there is plenty of volume but seeing the culprits is amazingly difficult even though you know they are only metres away 


A wash with colour


It may be a grey day,  but Fridaywoods certainly aren’t grey.


The browns of autumn and winter are gone, replaced by shades of green, white and purple, yellow buttercups break the greens of the grass.
I’m suddenly struck by the fact that I’m minutes from civilization but you wouldn’t know it.
The violence  of razor wire reminds me I’m meters from the only remaining military prison in the uk.
A rabbit attracts Stella’s attention, and she hurtles off with virtually no hope of catching it.


More colour attracts my eye,but I’ve no idea what I’m looking at, my mother in law, Lou or her aunt would know.
We come into a clearing,where we’ve 4 options, but we turn left, where some 300 metres away I see a white 5 bar gate, back onto the lane.
Somewhere in the distance a dog barks, making Stella pick her ears.
Various trees surround us, I can pick out the mighty Oaks, but still not sure at the others.
This pricks a memory, wildlife treasure hunts mum used to make, 10 things for me, my sister and brother to find, the one who found the most won, somehow it always turned out to be a draw.
Back out, onto the lane I’m confronted with parked cars, I’m aware there maybe other dog owners nearby.


A tree which looks to be dead, has signs of life, with green twigs lighting up apparently dead branches.


These signs remind walkers that they may stumble on ordnance, which they’d be foolish to touch.
A passenger jet breaks the silence, in the grey sky, which camouflages it. 
Birdsong grows louder and more varied. A branch laying in the rd, brings memories of my mischievous youth, in which I might turn the branch to block the rd.
Red tape hangs in the trees


signage of some sort of army activity.
I look around, and pick out signs of obvious ambush points, harping back to my brief but good times in the Raf.


Foxgloves? punches a purple into the greenery, I turn the corner and sight what I can only describe as a fernery, Stella seems immune to some nettles she chases another rabbit into.
In the distance, and somewhere above the double thwack of a chi nook breaks the silence.
Now a siren, punches through the renewed silence, then falls silent itself, to suggest it’s arrived to assist in whatever way it may be needed.


The final fork, I take the left, leading me 5 minutes to back home.
I know this is a break from my normal content but sometimes you have to go with the urge.

Fridaywoods walks


Fridaywood are slowly coming back to life, dull browns turn to multiple shades of green as I power walk thru then with STELLA 


Pigeons and a plethora of other birds chirrup, rabbits scarper as Stella approaches, Stella it has to be said is about as subtle as I, and even my mother described me as bull in a China shop, style.
The only greyness the cloud cover that the weather man says isn’t there.

It’s stunningly easy to forget your only minutes from Colchester town ctr, in the woods, once you leave the lanes,for the dusty pathways, barbed wire fences control your route, with the odd kissing gate,


Or style, to cross.
The woods are relatively untouched, as they’re owned by the MOD, and the army use the huge square milage as training grounds, so e days you’ll see apache helicopter gunships, or jolly green giant transport choppers, chinook or for the first time ever the twin bladed osprey which can land and take off like a helicopter then fly like a plane.

As I walk I note a platoon setting up camp, I’m being watched, by two would be snipers, not very well hidden.


On the first proper walk of the spring through Fridaywoods


I realise my mind is quiet, and “in the moment!” Which is an amazing feeling. The only time I ever really remember feeling so quiet, is when I was fishing.

But eBen then I was thinking, planning and only in the moment when I was actually, Fish on.

But then I know I CAN I CAN I CAN you just watch me!!!!!!

Run before breakfast


I wasn’t starting until 9am this morning, so I took the opportunity to a more intense interval run, 10 sets of 1 minute fast, 1 minute slow after a steady 10 minute warm up, and a 5 minutes slow down. I covered nearly three miles, I think, as my phone( with the app on it) ran out of battery.

Fridaywoods are starting to come to life, buds are opening, flowers emerging, turning bushes from their drab brown, to whites and greens, blues and the odd yellow and red, god knows the identity of what I’m looking at, but it looks amazing.

My breakfast after the run, coffee, a go ahead bar and a banana, as I’m running a little behind time.

But you know I CAN I CAN I CAN you just watch me!!!!!!!

Rest day Sunday

After all the walking and running I’ve done over the last two days it’s a rest day for me, although I’m walking Stella as usual.


It’s a bright October morning and I’m in my hoody and track bottoms, not my height of fashion stuff bought over last two days.


Well I intend to have my favourite breakfast Scrambled eggs on wholemeal toast upon my return from walkjngbthr hound, and I’ll prob also have the whites from Lou’s poached eggs as she can’t stand the white.

Walking thru Fridaywoods my thoughts once again imagine what legions have walked these anxient woods, the Romans, the  Norman possibly even the Vikings. It’s something that really has galvanised my curiosity.


It’s not hard to see why the MOD will not let these woods br destroyed by the developers. Ok they’ve made changes to allow vehicular access, and the national grid stretches across its vastness.


Although it does make me wonder what some of these ancient oaks have seen


In there lifetime. The civil war, Round heads and cavaliers. The Romans established Camolodnum which later became Colchester, and remains to my knowledge the oldest garrison town in the uk.

One thing I note, is all the berries still on the bushes, which the  doomsayers would have us believe points to a harsh winters approach, which I suppose makes a little sense when you think of the Squirrels hoarding their stashes away for winter.