Thanks for the compliment 

I am pleased to say that I’m actually intelligent, it’s official Emma Triplett says so in the latest chapter of her book Stepping out of the clouds. Why? Because I over think a lot of things to every possible degree, I’m looking forward to the next chapter. 

Getting serious now, Emma’s right, when I do this pointless exercise, I think thru as many possibilities as I can possibly think up. But how many are positive, one, because the rest are adding in possible problems. 


Reading new material 

I have mentioned by genius mentor and all round Yoda, Emma Tripplet several times thru the pages of this blog. 

Well she’s written a book “stepping out of the clouds” it is simple but effective.  and her guidance has seen me beat anxiety and avoid depression. I do say avoid deliberately as having read some accounts on Facebook I don’t think I was ever actually depressed, but I was on route. 

So if you, like I did, want to avoid depression download her book, or are reading this thinking things will never change read Emma’s book 

My Yoda, Gandalf and Dumbledor all in one 

If the chimp paradox were my tactical officer then Emma Triplett is very definitely my communications officer. Since I made the decision to change and get off the slope to depression she has helped me, implement the chimp paradox, been there with tips and advice to guide almost Yoda like, not telling me what to do, but suggesting subtleties that might (and invariably do ) help. 

We first made contact thru twitter, as old town hypnotherapy Emma responded to one of my tweets, and under my captaincy my bridge crew to calmer seas was all but complete. 

So although my voyage is not yet over and I’ve my two powerful allies to either side, this is a testament to her with grateful thanks.