Within range 

Stella and I are walking around the back of the ranges in Colchester Essex. It’s a beautiful sunny evening and we’ve walked around 2 miles so far.

I really am lucky where I live as within minutes I can be in the middle of nowhere, if you didn’t no better you d think you were miles from anywhere. 

Walking off my pasta dinner is motivation enough and the looming weigh in tomorrow morning. 

I’ve just over a mile to go, and stella 

Still has plenty of energy. 

My glutes are starting to complain but then this is the second distance walk of the day. 

For a nearly 9 year old stella is doing great for her chicken and rice with weetabix dinners as she has an irritable stomach and I can rarely out walk her as she always has plenty left when I’m ready to give up.

Colchester is (as far as I’m aware) the largest garrison town in the uk and I love seeing the ah64 apaches doing their drills in the woods  


Back to Back


Finished the day with a random 3 mile interval run,  varying my speed,  distances and paces,  after a pasta bake for dinner.
My knee is aching, but not overly, allowing me to push this run, tomorrow  will however be a rest day, of sorts.


This fool has had a day of it, been t the Vets,  to have her glands cleaned out,  if you don’t know what I mean,  be glad you don’t. 

Well you know by now that I CAN I CAN I CAN you just watch me! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Runtastic PRO


Steady walk interupted by brief shop

Richard just finished a Runtastic walking of 3.53 mi in 1h 10m


It’s supposed to be a rest day, from running at least, so I get home from my early start, the sun is shining, and Stella needs a walk.
3.5 miles layer and my butt  aches, Stella drinks a bowel of water dry.
The ranges weren’t shut off, by a gate and Red Flag signalling the ranges aren’t on use. So we walked down weir lane and across the field back in to my estate, and home.
400 calories burned, abs and butt exercised.

Fat, what fat?

Because I  CAN I CAN I CAN you just watch me! ! ! ! ! ! !

Bonus Run


Took advantage of Stella’s disgusting flatulence, this afternoon, to have a bonus run.
Set the pace at 13 minute mile, managed 11.30 average for 1.52 miles.
Don’t know if this is run of w3 or run 1 of w4. But a run it is. I’m using the rest of the walk to cool down, and hopefully get rid of Stella’s


flatulence, which I assure you is seriously potent, and not something I wish to inhale after lunch.

The weather isn’t great but not wet, but the woods are coming to life, more greens and reds, slowly fill the horizon, day by day than browns of autumn and winter.
I am definitely enjoying, looking fir the positives, again after quite a heavy winter psychologically speaking but then you know I will, because you know I CAN I CAN I CAN you just watch me!!!!!!!!

Maintain your speed


Stella and I up at 6am on a Saturday, so i decided to run, having listened to advice from the twittersphere, I decided to see how far I could go at a set pace, without stopping, managed almost 1.5 miles. Good starting point.
It was also run 3 of week 3. I’ve been advised also to do 2 steady runs and 1 interval instead of the other way around.
I ran before breakfast only had a coffee to wake me up and energise me.
Clarence enjoyed the run, but didn’t wanna get out of bed, but then it is Saturday. Also shows I’ve mastered another technique from the Chimp paradox, of distracting Clarence and getting up when he’s reluctant, because I CAN I CAN I CAN you just watch me!!!!!!!!!!!

2 miles

According to my app this morning I burnt 349 calories in 25 minutes doing nothing. In truth I ran 2 miles. The app lost GPS again. But then I still did the distance and burnt the calories whatever the app says.


The dreaded xmas shopping trip begins today. But then I suppose it better get started, as there’s only 6 weeks to go.
But then you know I CAN I CAN I CAN you just watch me!!!!!!!!!!