A misty dawn chorus 

It’s early on Friday morning, stella and I are walking the trees are a cacophony of sound, rabbits scatter their warning, Dog on the prowl. 

In the distance I hear a foxes scream like call. 

There’s little brown left in the hedges and verges as summer has it’s hold, the winter is banished. 

Yellows, greens, white and blue, butttercuos I’ve not seen for a long time. 

Graffiti can be a beautiful thing but this is no Banksy. 

As another arborial canopy approached, so the cacophony increases again.

A new sound, a cuckoo without a doubt, unless I’m mistaken a thief, not of shiny things like the magpie, but of other nests. 

Either there are some big beavers around or somebody cannot afford the fuel to go to the tip although it can t be bad for the environment. 

The thing I find strange is there is plenty of volume but seeing the culprits is amazingly difficult even though you know they are only metres away 


Rest day Sunday

After all the walking and running I’ve done over the last two days it’s a rest day for me, although I’m walking Stella as usual.


It’s a bright October morning and I’m in my hoody and track bottoms, not my height of fashion stuff bought over last two days.


Well I intend to have my favourite breakfast Scrambled eggs on wholemeal toast upon my return from walkjngbthr hound, and I’ll prob also have the whites from Lou’s poached eggs as she can’t stand the white.

Walking thru Fridaywoods my thoughts once again imagine what legions have walked these anxient woods, the Romans, the  Norman possibly even the Vikings. It’s something that really has galvanised my curiosity.


It’s not hard to see why the MOD will not let these woods br destroyed by the developers. Ok they’ve made changes to allow vehicular access, and the national grid stretches across its vastness.


Although it does make me wonder what some of these ancient oaks have seen


In there lifetime. The civil war, Round heads and cavaliers. The Romans established Camolodnum which later became Colchester, and remains to my knowledge the oldest garrison town in the uk.

One thing I note, is all the berries still on the bushes, which the  doomsayers would have us believe points to a harsh winters approach, which I suppose makes a little sense when you think of the Squirrels hoarding their stashes away for winter.