A tech spring clean 

Just turned my tablet on for the first time in a while, it was running like a reliant robin on ice, in other words slowly. 

I decided it was time for a tech spring clean and challenged my self to be honest so I used this…..

  1. No, it goes 
  2. Not sure, it’s got a week to be useful 
  3. Yes

I cleared a lot if space on my tablet but not so successful on my phone. 

But it made me think, what do I have running in my brain that needs shuttin down or deleting. 

I’ve spent a lot of time optimising my thought processes over the last few years and yes as my mentor points out, sometimes I slip, I’ve begun to recognise my negative pathways, and ‘re engage my intellect, but those old sub routines are still there waiting for my amygdala to take over again.

The chimp paradox speaks of gremlins and goblins and searching for them, but then Emma says negative introspection is a bad thing and she’s right, its someone elses job to find my gremlins and goblins if they continue to dog me,  so instead of looking for them I am actively engaging my intellect as much as possible 

  • Instead of spending all day listening to the radio, whilst I’m driving I listen to audio books, some self help and learning also most recently IT by Stephen king.
  • As I’ve detailed before TV has had its influence greatly reduced, along with the news programs, I do however enjoy the afternoon drama on BBC radio 4
  • I’m slowly learning to find solutions to problems instead of just the problem. 

So maybe we could all benefit from a mental spring clean from time to time defragging and deleting the mind 


Surrounded by depressive and anxious TV 

Reading Emma Tripplet’s new book Stepping out of the clouds forces me to confront the obvious, but never acknowledged fact that TV generates and fuels depression. 

  1. Soaps. Omg weatherfield, Albert Square and Emmer Dale must be 3 of the most depressing places to live if they were real. They never have a happy Christmas, there’s death, murder and misery on every corner. But don’t get me wrong they cover some important and at times brave story lines. The actor who plays Ashley Thomas in Emmer Dale deserves an Oscar for his portrayal of dementia.  
  2. News. Always have a vested interest, biassed and imprint an image of perfection on to our psyche. Sympathy, fear or anger are there general consensus tricks. Only recently have I learnt to dig deeper into what is being presented. 

But then what about as kids.it was all adventure, or good vanquish jog the bad guy

  • The A team 
  • Knight rider 
  • Airwolf 
  • Mcgiver 
  • Grange Hill 
  • Biker Grove 

All except the last 2 present a utopian ideal of good getting the upper hand. Macgiver with his pen knife,  Airwolf the helicopter that was faster, better armed with the greatest pilot and weapons officer. At least Grange Hill and Biker presented some reality story lines who I’ve my age can’t recall zammos battle with drugs and the well meant just say no campaign. 

The chimp paradox points out that reality is far from the utopian existence we’re sold as kids. 

Chill, wind down and sleep 

The chimp paradox teaches the importance of Rest Relax and sleep to avoid disfunction.

My job makes me rest as the law says,as a truck driver, I must have a rest after 4.30 continual driving of 45 minutes or after 6 hrs combined work and driving a break of 30 minutes. 

Relax mostly at home in the evening, with the TV, my book and of course Louise.  

However sleep is mostly quality but a little inconsistent, because of the random hours of my job. even though, again thru the law,  I must be off the road for a minimum of 9 hrs bit preferably 11. 


The chimp paradox  

I first heard of the chimp paradox on Chris Evans bbc radio2 breakfast show. Had I not heard that show, and author Dr Stephen Peters explanation I would never have gone near a book that helped change my life. 

As regular readers of my blog know, Jan 2015 was my best and most successful new years resolution,  I wanted to get off the slippery slope into what I’m certain was heading for depression. I remembered this book, and an offer came up on  my email for  audible, books you can listen too, so I downloaded the chimp paradox it’s concepts were so simple and made, and still make so much sense. 

I’m still  engaging get with the book, now,  and building parts of the model step by step. 

The best bit of advice I’ve heard in ages 

Whilst attending a speed awareness course (yes I’d been a naughty boy,  caught doing 49 in a 40) the instructor offered this piece of advice,  don’t expect other drivers to do as you would do, but this is a piece of advice is transferable into life. 

How many times has someone jumped a queue, or something you’d never consider doing. 

The intellect can now cut in,  instead of reacting chimp like,  and say there’s little point reacting as it’ll only stress you,  and it’s happened already so you cannot change it.