Within range 

Stella and I are walking around the back of the ranges in Colchester Essex. It’s a beautiful sunny evening and we’ve walked around 2 miles so far.

I really am lucky where I live as within minutes I can be in the middle of nowhere, if you didn’t no better you d think you were miles from anywhere. 

Walking off my pasta dinner is motivation enough and the looming weigh in tomorrow morning. 

I’ve just over a mile to go, and stella 

Still has plenty of energy. 

My glutes are starting to complain but then this is the second distance walk of the day. 

For a nearly 9 year old stella is doing great for her chicken and rice with weetabix dinners as she has an irritable stomach and I can rarely out walk her as she always has plenty left when I’m ready to give up.

Colchester is (as far as I’m aware) the largest garrison town in the uk and I love seeing the ah64 apaches doing their drills in the woods  


Intermittent 2 miler 

A second shorter intermittent run around 2.5 miles. After walking half a mile to warm up I’d tlrun as far as I could at a good pace, walk far enough to catch my breath and repeat. 

It feels good to be ruñning again, even though my legs don’t agree, as they’re a little out of practice. 

Intermittent run 

I did my first run for a while last night, putting some cheap trainers thru their paces. They seemed to take it so I can start running again. 

I did just over 4 miles, walking and running at random, my little running mate Stella as usual. 

It felt great too, but I feel a little stiff the morning after. 

But it just goes to show, me at least, how my mindset is changing, I’m finding solutions, not being stopped by problems. 


Carry on regardless 

Hey I have realised one, big thing, that is that whether or not I’m losing weight, cutting the crap out of my diet I feel great.

No acid reflux, little flatulence either way I really feel better than I have for a long time physically and mentally. 

I am not saying my life is perfect but I do feel more able to come up with solutions, I also think I’m calmer and in a much better place than I’ve been for a long time. 

So the new health lifestyle is a change for the better and it is staying