Intermittent run 

I did my first run for a while last night, putting some cheap trainers thru their paces. They seemed to take it so I can start running again. 

I did just over 4 miles, walking and running at random, my little running mate Stella as usual. 

It felt great too, but I feel a little stiff the morning after. 

But it just goes to show, me at least, how my mindset is changing, I’m finding solutions, not being stopped by problems. 


Carry on regardless 

Hey I have realised one, big thing, that is that whether or not I’m losing weight, cutting the crap out of my diet I feel great.

No acid reflux, little flatulence either way I really feel better than I have for a long time physically and mentally. 

I am not saying my life is perfect but I do feel more able to come up with solutions, I also think I’m calmer and in a much better place than I’ve been for a long time. 

So the new health lifestyle is a change for the better and it is staying 

Ch ch ch changes 

OK I’ve been virtually sugar free since February but I’m stalling, so the simplest change I can make is to chop my nuts in half, (now stop laughing and get ya minds out of the gutter) 

I’ve been having 80g of mixed nuts in my pack up for work, but Friday I deliberately reduced my amount to 50g and I didn’t miss the remainder. I had them there but I left them alone. 

So the calorific value has gone from 534 to 334 calories according to mfp.  I’ll report back this time next week if things change or not.