A tech spring clean 

Just turned my tablet on for the first time in a while, it was running like a reliant robin on ice, in other words slowly. 

I decided it was time for a tech spring clean and challenged my self to be honest so I used this…..

  1. No, it goes 
  2. Not sure, it’s got a week to be useful 
  3. Yes

I cleared a lot if space on my tablet but not so successful on my phone. 

But it made me think, what do I have running in my brain that needs shuttin down or deleting. 

I’ve spent a lot of time optimising my thought processes over the last few years and yes as my mentor points out, sometimes I slip, I’ve begun to recognise my negative pathways, and ‘re engage my intellect, but those old sub routines are still there waiting for my amygdala to take over again.

The chimp paradox speaks of gremlins and goblins and searching for them, but then Emma says negative introspection is a bad thing and she’s right, its someone elses job to find my gremlins and goblins if they continue to dog me,  so instead of looking for them I am actively engaging my intellect as much as possible 

  • Instead of spending all day listening to the radio, whilst I’m driving I listen to audio books, some self help and learning also most recently IT by Stephen king.
  • As I’ve detailed before TV has had its influence greatly reduced, along with the news programs, I do however enjoy the afternoon drama on BBC radio 4
  • I’m slowly learning to find solutions to problems instead of just the problem. 

So maybe we could all benefit from a mental spring clean from time to time defragging and deleting the mind 


Sugar free (well reduced at least) 

Chris Evans designated February as sugar free month, so I thought I’d give it a shot. 

I weighed myself at the start, 15st 7, disappointing but then I’ve not been running for a while, the only other thing I’m doing is walking. Trying to achieve my 10000 step per day target. 

Well I weighed myself this morning and I’m down to 15 st 2 so maybe sugar is the key. I’m gonna stick to the level of all sugars that mfp prescribes which is 80g and I will keep you updated. 

I can i can i can you just watch me. 

Thanks for the compliment 

I am pleased to say that I’m actually intelligent, it’s official Emma Triplett says so in the latest chapter of her book Stepping out of the clouds. Why? Because I over think a lot of things to every possible degree, I’m looking forward to the next chapter. 

Getting serious now, Emma’s right, when I do this pointless exercise, I think thru as many possibilities as I can possibly think up. But how many are positive, one, because the rest are adding in possible problems. 

The underbelly 

I have always been interested in how or why things work. It’s led to me understanding on a simplistic level, induction, compression, explosion, exhaust the principals of the car induction  Engine. 

I had reason to have a short session of counselling a few years back, and it didn’t really work, at first. Now I know why 

Having read another chapter of Emma Tripplet’s new book Stepping out of the clouds I wonder if it was the wrong therapy for me, cognitive behaviour therapy or cbt. But having read the chimp paradox and partly Emma’s book I understand what’s happening so I can implement it, because I CAN build a plan, I honestly think that is why I have found the 2 books so empowering. 

I wouldn’t change a single thing 

My life, like yours, has had its up and downs, it curve balls and it’s fast balls. But I wouldn’t change a single thing! 

I learned from my time in the Royal Air Force, from my failed relationships, losing my job,  need I go on. 

The point being every step I’ve taken has a lesson attached, my present job has lasted over 3 years so far and I’ve only had 3 unplanned days off. 

If I hadn’t learned my lesson from being considered unreliable with poor sickness record I’d still take time off fir every cold I get. 

If I hadn’t met my ex I would appreciate Louise as much as I do. 

Every step you take,is a step in the right direction,as long as it’s not backwards. I’ve spent too long with regrets, until I teamed those regrets into lessons. 

Lessons learned,from any situation, are all valuable, as a valued mentor points out regularly,if you want a different outcome, you need to change what your putting in.

Review of week 50

Work wise it’s been go,  go,  go. Non stop clocking up over a thousand miles largely thanks to my trip to Bournemouth on Monday.  

Personally speaking I’ve learnt that I can be assertive when I need to be,   I’ve become more aware of mindfulness. I’ve continued to apply the lessons of the chimp paradox and continued  reading Emma Tripplet’s new book Stepping out of the clouds. But I am a slow reader, reading mainly when I get opportunities during breaks.