Reasons to be positive


well last week saw my first plateau, but then i did experiment with my intake, my fiber went thru the roof, creating unexpected problems. but then my calories were also relatively high.

So i am able to look back via my fitness pal on my dietary intake and see what was good and what wasn’t so good. however 14 stone 11 isn’t as bad as i was when i restarted this plan, and i’m doing well with my 10000 step schedule, achieving the goal 5 times last week which is not bad either, when you think about fitting it around a busy working schedule.

Also it helps that my Fiancee is doing a similar plan to me, so the unhealthy stuff is disappearing from the cupboards and it does help when we can motivate each other.

i shall weigh again tomorrow, and i shall hope for but not expect to have lost, as my intake over the weekend has been reduced, although yesterday i did indulge little with a portion of sticky toffee pudding but then i was celebrating my 45th birthday.

I also realise that I am rediscovering the more positive me, when i can see solutions rather then problems, the old me would have been frustrated, at plateauing but I’m not i’m researching why it happened.

Plus I’ve put in place another 2 parts of my plan to study, ive bought a second hand laptop,(which I’m writing this post with)and my fiancee is on board with, and aware of the plan.



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