Sugar free (well reduced at least) 

Chris Evans designated February as sugar free month, so I thought I’d give it a shot. 

I weighed myself at the start, 15st 7, disappointing but then I’ve not been running for a while, the only other thing I’m doing is walking. Trying to achieve my 10000 step per day target. 

Well I weighed myself this morning and I’m down to 15 st 2 so maybe sugar is the key. I’m gonna stick to the level of all sugars that mfp prescribes which is 80g and I will keep you updated. 

I can i can i can you just watch me. 


2 thoughts on “Sugar free (well reduced at least) 

  1. Richard, I’ve lived a sugar free life for a while and feel so much better for it, don’t get cravings, don’t get tempted to eat rubbish and easier to maintain weight. Stop eating anything out of cans or jars, they all contain sugar. Remember simple carbohydrates like bread and pasta are basically sugar, as soon as they leave your mouth they act like sugar. I eat bacon and eggs for breakfast every day and lose weight on it. Sugar is the key. My only sugar vice is a glass of wine or two!


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