The way we treat our military forces worries me,  people may not agree with what they’re sent to do,  but they’re only the means, they do not make decisions only tactical decisions that their rank,  or regimental duty requires, 

  • Engineers
  • Infantry 
  • Transport 
  • Artillery 
  • Helicopter pilot 
  • Fighter pilot 
  • Bomber pilot 
  • Rangers 
  • Special forces

I’m often reminder of one of the first lessons I learned on day 1 at the then  Raf recruit training Base Raf Swinderby in Lincolnshire UK, that shit rolls down hill. 

But the likes of the stop the war campaign encamped around parliament square from time to time, admittedly using their right to protest and freedoms of speech, which our militaries won and uphold,  I wonder what effect you’re having on the moral of those who have to put their life on the line for you.

As I said, you may not agree with the theatres of war we are in, but I 100% support the Raf, army and naval forces of this nation, whom I will remind you volunteer,  the uk currently has no conscription. 

Writing this also makes me think about advances in warfare, especially the role the media plays, often embedded with our soldiers,  and whom the soldiers have to protect. Since world war 2 we’ve become so much more aware, within hours of the families funding out that a loved one has died or been injured,  the whole country know personal details, what they look like, family status, regiment, and role. 

So yes we’re more aware, except where special forces are concerned. 

And why do they have to be so transparent, we know the names of both our Mi5 and mi6 heads, in my mind painting a nice big bullseye on their back. But you still expect those services to prevent attacks on the mainland.


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