The State 

Furthering my journey into sociology, offers a larger presence and a further bourgeoisie the State. 

The State is defined as the organised system by which man governs itself. 

The State is all powerful, within its borders, maintaining social order via its unambiguous nature, decides what’s acceptable and what’s not via propaganda and censorship and manipulation the media. 

It controls via authority of either 

  • Traditional authority such as the British monarchy who are unelected but have (but do not weald) authority by right 
  • Charismatic authority a personal approach of someone seen as gifted, offering change and demanding obedience 
  •  Rational legal authority such as democracy,which is defined as a form of authority that is elected,has a framework and code by which obedience is uniformly enforced. However democracy is largely unrepresentative as for eg the US Congress is 80% white male, where as the US population is far more diverse. 

This is an expanding piece, but I value reader input in this field. 


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