First distance walk of 2017 

First personal post for a while, but there a growing trend of sugar free February, I dont normally follow trends but I thought this might kick start my plans for 2017 bit yesterday stepping on the scales gave me a shock. 15st 8, not very pleased but it’s somewhere to start from. 

So step 1 is no more than 8 spoons of sugar per day, 9 is the rda for a man. First part is easy no sugar in tea, coffee or on my morning breakfast however the rest of that plan isn’t so easy,  my staple of baked beans is high in sugar, as are a lot of things. So I’m continuing to have no crisps or chocolate and intend to raise my veg intake carrots, swede, peas and runner beans. 

Also as the daylight grows longer I can increase my walking and running, as I write this I’m in the middle of a   5 or 6 mile walk with Stella 

As I’ve said before I’m lucky in that I live virtually on top if some of the most wonderful woods in the UK, Friday woods in colchester. OK you have to watch out for Red flags denoting live firing on the ranges otherwise you’re free to ramble as the heart takes you. 

Also it’s a great way to evade the anxieties of life as I take a look around there’s only Stella and I, in sight. 


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