Marx defines the petitbourgeoisie as those with  power but whom answer to someone else. 

  • The small business owners 
  • Management 

and in my opinion the government, why, because we are their bosses,  and every 5 years we can sack them and Install a new government,  also they’re answerable to international law and currently the EU. I am aware of Brexit, but then we’ll still need Europe, amongst others for trade amongst other things. 

Small business is petit-bourgeoisie because without customers they’re nothing, until they’re in a position to own other companies and be their own supply chain. 

For example,  a transport firm, buys a small retail outlet, the transport firm takes care of all the deliveries, the retail outlet grows into larger premises, meaning the transport firm needs more staff and trucks. The owner of the two businesses is now in control of his own destiny, as long as the retail outlet continues to keep good custom. 

Management run the company, have the power to hire and fire etc but answer to the owners. 

However with this argument it’s difficult to see further strings to the bourgeoisie as business is reliant on  custom with no custom you’ve no business and the supply chain dries up,  so are the  customers actually the bourgeoisie. 

The scary thing is, the more I write the more questions and tangents I could go off on, and the more I find myself arguing with myself. 


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