Who are the Borgeousie 

OK since I began reading about sociology Marx‘ concept of the bourgeoisie, petitbourgeoisie, prolateriat and lumpenproletariat have become a fascination for me.

 I’ve  Already offered up the media, but it occurs to me that Dr’s are also  the bourgeoisie, they’ve a power over life and death, they may not have the power to decide; they do have the power to save life though.

OK first aiders can initially save life,but that is like putting a jump pack across a cars battery, it is only the surgeons and consultants who can act as the mechanics and put you right. 

They also have control over their minions, their f1s and registrars (whom.i might offer as petit-bourgeoisie) as they teach their minions to eventually take the reigns from their selves. 


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