And the next bourgeoisie on the list 

OK marx defines the bourgeoisie as those who have knowledge or another form of power with the ability to pass it on,  so does that include Teachers. 

We trust them to give the next generation  the education they need to fulfill societal requirements,  in forty or so years the next prime minister will be from today’s schooling. 

Socialist proffer education as one of the leading social institutions therefore teachers have to be considered bobourgeoisie, I’m getting a little political here but; maybe we need to recognise this fact and pay them what they’re truly worth and start listening to them,  after all they have tomorrow’s future in their hands. 

Functionalist say that education is required to fulfill societies needs, conflict theorists suggest it’s elitist,  and symbolic interaction suggests the influence that teachers have over their students means they’ve the power of expectation becoming a self fulfilling prophecy,  but no theory really suggests to quote pink Floyd “we don’t need no education!” 

Sorry let’s start valuing one of our greatest resources, the world’s Teachers 


4 thoughts on “And the next bourgeoisie on the list 

  1. Great argument for why teachers should get paid more than what they do. It is sickening that society does not find it necessary to pay them well. On New Years Eve I read an article on Psychology Today about how social workers are really helpful with their clients on how to fill out public assistance forms because they have to do it themselves.

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    1. What scares me is how well educated you have to be, to be a pen pusher, I’m considering whether to study, sociology or psychology at open university, and reading the sociology book has really opened your eyes to the world

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