One of the cornerstones of any relationship, whether between couples, patent and child, or employer and employee is Trust. 

However it occurs to me that it is too easily given, especially by me, as I’ve discussed in previous posts, this can be because of tribal influences such as supporting the same team, or coming from the same localised area.

On the other hand an old supervisor, who despite being years younger than me, is still the one person I trusted most, on a professional basis, was the one who’s trust was difficult to gain and easy to lose. I knew that if he asked me to do something, that later I took criticism for, he would step up and say “I told him too…..”  

Respect goes hand in hand with trust, life has taught me that there are 2 kinds of respect

  • Respecting the badge of rank, which means you do what your asked because that person has seniority over you 
  • Respecting the person (which I’d rather receive) comes, from trust.

The stradification of roles within a relationship is key to its survival, playing to the strengths of the union is a key marker, for example my money management is weak where as my partners is strong, whereas, mainly because of overtime, my earning potential out ways hers. 

Professionally, on a meritocracy basis I’m the fifth most senior employee in the team because of time served as i can drive uo to 7.5 tonne however there a 4 above me who can drive 18 tonne however on a time served basis I’m third, with only 2 with more time served than myself.

In a previous role, customers would approach me, over some others as, even though I’d no actual seniority, to them I did have seniority by age, they trusted me to give them correct advice and have an ability to get results, which I would of course act upon of I was able. 

So trust and respect come from different expected influences, such as family and educational teaching, is it Symbolic interaction that meant customers trusted me, it certainly is not conflict theory. Where as I suppose that my supervisor was on a functionalist basis. 


2 thoughts on “Trust 

  1. I agree with you on many levels, there is the formal respect that is demanded especially within an organisation because of someone’s position and there is a personal respect.

    I think how and why we give or receive respect happens on many different subtle levels.

    Self respect come from within and when you have self respect your body language and the energy you project requests respect in return but I also believe that what you reap you sow.

    If you conduct yourself in a way that is trustworthy and respectful to others – genuinely, then you convey an openness that is subconsciously trustworthy and approachable to others.

    It comes back to the quote ‘Treat others as you expect to be treated yourself’. Every action and has equal and opposite reaction, so how you conduct yourself in your interactions with others will be reflected in how they treat you.

    Sometimes you have to step back and accept people for who they are, they’ve got their own problems and insecurities, baggage and hangups and might just be having a bad day – when this happens, if you know you’ve been acting with integrity then you know their disagreeable nature is not about you.

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