Labor saving 

The evolution of labor saving devices is without doubt a necessity,  but is it equally making us lazy. 

The humble car, makes life easier fir shopping, and going on trips and in my case my job revolves around the combustion engine, but do we really need to go half a mile down the road to take the children to school, in the car? 

Another example is, the uk safe working lifting maximum of 25kg but we use block and tackle, and forklifts, sure it’s quicker to load a pallet weighing around a tonne with a forklift but not one bag weighing 25kg 

It strikes me that this is one of the reasons we are becoming obese across the planet, labor saving has, like many things in society, gone too far the other way. 


2 thoughts on “Labor saving 

  1. It is hard to debate you on this one! However, I think the biggest labor saving convenience that leads to weight gain is prepackaged foods. They are high calorie, high fat, and fructose corn syrup products that are addicting and cause cravings for more.

    I can only argue that it is not necessarily the decreased exercise, but the intake of low-quality foods that causes weight gain. There many people who do not exercise who are not obese. There are also many people who exercise a lot and are overweight.

    A person who does not eat many pre-packaged foods, and avoids starch and sugar, does not have to do much exercise to stay relatively thin. Look at all the skinny old ladies at a retirement home sometime. They can’t exercise much because of their age. They are skinny because they don’t eat garbage.


    1. I’m not just talking about obesity, fir example my mother in law was bought up working on the land, with her sister, and there’s not much she doesn’t know about flora and fauna.
      In my own career line the sat navigation means you don’t learn a route, if the sat navigation goes wrong, what do you do if you cannot read a map.


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