German cars Belgian beer 

Everywhere I look I see foreign goods being used, driven or consumed by British consumers. 

BMW, Mercedes, vw and Audi make up a large proportion of the vehicles on our roads. 

Multiple beers and spirits from across the Eu let alone the chocolates,  other cars such as Renault, Citroën and Peugeot from France, and saab and volvo from Scandinavia, and of course things such as apples that we could be entirely self sufficient in. 

Now I ask myself if the Eu were a shop would it cut off all of its customers because the customers didn’t like something it did, The Co op for example has an ethical policy but would it refuse to sell a battery farmer goods. 
I admit to only being an amateur, however I think that Brexit could actually put us in a far stronger position than we are now. 

I still stand by my reasons for voting for Brexit: 

  1. Stop freedom of movement 
  2. Retake the power to make our own law 
  3. Stop the Eu lowering our standards to fit their purposes. 

My views are simplified, and I’m only beginning to understand the economical and business sides,  but to borrow a phrase from a certain president in waiting let’s make GB GREAT again 


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