Cbb 2017 

OK celebrity big brother 2017 consists of two groups the newbies and the legends 

But in all the contestants are a general cross section of the spectrum of the entertainment world. 

Why? So that we all watch 

  • James Jordan one of my personal favourites, a rebel, who says exactly what he thinks. A known rebel who was one of the gears of strictly 
  • James cosmo another of my favorites, star of Highlander and game of thrones. 
  • Callum Best & Bianca Gascoigne both siblings of the football world

Then there’s the wife of George best,  and a handful of no marks (in this bloggers opinion) 

But we all link with at least one of them, romantically fantasising, musically or fans in some form. 

As the series goes along the weaker members of the cast will get picked and picked off, with the tasks, the screamers provide great entertainment and the ones who get their head down and just get on with it. 

Then as nominations approach people will begin to pick off the ones in the middle, the ones of no value. 

The show works on 2 of our primal instincts Sex and fear. 

Sex, there are plenty of attractive people in the house whom will no doubt flaunt their assets to gain favour. 

Fear, in their vt all the contestants seemed to state their fears, height, certain personalities speidi being one expected abrasive pair, and I guarantee during the series there’ll be an opportunity to get two of the abrasive characters in a closed environment and watch the sparks fly. 


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