The path of the jedi 

Anakin you’re focusing on the negative, be mindful of the now. 

Just one lesson that reality can learn from the saga. 

Your focus determines your reality said be master Yoda.

Both lessons I myself have learnt. 

My anxieties and suspicions of my fathers Final conversation created anger and a rage inside that had me suspicious of family members.  But with guidance my focus is on the positives of my memories.  

But then aren’t most of us more likely in sine way sith,  who wouldn’t dear the death of a loved one, exasperated by murder and the drive for vengeance would be overwhelming, add that to the powers of the force and that abilities of the sabre.

Then you have the manipulation of Anakin by sidious’ who plants in Anakin head that he can save padmes life, so Anakin rebels. 


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