Surrounded by depressive and anxious TV 

Reading Emma Tripplet’s new book Stepping out of the clouds forces me to confront the obvious, but never acknowledged fact that TV generates and fuels depression. 

  1. Soaps. Omg weatherfield, Albert Square and Emmer Dale must be 3 of the most depressing places to live if they were real. They never have a happy Christmas, there’s death, murder and misery on every corner. But don’t get me wrong they cover some important and at times brave story lines. The actor who plays Ashley Thomas in Emmer Dale deserves an Oscar for his portrayal of dementia.  
  2. News. Always have a vested interest, biassed and imprint an image of perfection on to our psyche. Sympathy, fear or anger are there general consensus tricks. Only recently have I learnt to dig deeper into what is being presented. 

But then what about as was all adventure, or good vanquish jog the bad guy

  • The A team 
  • Knight rider 
  • Airwolf 
  • Mcgiver 
  • Grange Hill 
  • Biker Grove 

All except the last 2 present a utopian ideal of good getting the upper hand. Macgiver with his pen knife,  Airwolf the helicopter that was faster, better armed with the greatest pilot and weapons officer. At least Grange Hill and Biker presented some reality story lines who I’ve my age can’t recall zammos battle with drugs and the well meant just say no campaign. 

The chimp paradox points out that reality is far from the utopian existence we’re sold as kids. 


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