The route of all evil 


Other than losing my dad, one of the biggest stresses in my life and I’m guessing anyone reading this money. Paying the bills, a Saturday morning ritual for us,  whether I’ve bought home enough or not, the bills must get paid then there’s the CSA which I don’t begrudge paying but I do, paying arrears that I never owed. 

Add to that Christmas and a near £400 budget (not a lot compared to previous years, but catalogues and credit cards are banned) 

Money one thing that nearly killed lou and my relationship before it really got out of the blocks. I’d lost my job but the  rent still  needed paying, the council tax and bills,  we turned to our credit card then,  the dreaded payday loans, which I now hate with a passion. 

Getting out of trouble 

We tried negotiating, no chance unless we wanted to pay back double in penalty fees. So it was payday loans that eventually tipped us over the edge,  at the right time I was approached by a debt management company who helped us set up an iva (one step back from bankruptcy) at first it was harsh, but now with approximately 18 months left I would say it was the best decision I made and encouraged lou to take. 


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