It’s 4.2o am and I’m up for work, I’m sitting here drinking a mug of coffee, and I’m mindful of a dripping tap, the ticking of our living room clock and the sound of our fish tank pump. But other than that it’s totally peaceful, calm and serene. 

I step outside, with Stella 

on her lead, all I hear is Stella breathing and the electrical buzz of the external light above my head.the moon is almost full,  lighting and unlit Street. The sky isn’t clear but there are a few visible stars. 

Now I can hear the cars on the nearby roads, my footfall. Entering the woods I light my torch (flashlight for my American readers) it illuminates a path covered in leaves. The flash of green and red denotes an air liner coming back to the UK.  

I’m in the field now,  after scanning the field with my torch I unleash Stella, looking good up I see more stars,  my torch illuminates motor bike tracks that shouldn’t be there. An owl hoots in the distance, and I can make out an aircrafts vapour trail in the sky. 

Scanning the treeline, for foxes, reveals nothing no foxes, rabbits or the odd muntjac deer. 


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