It’s Christmas, well December and I was thinking about my childhood and Santa the tooth fairy etc. 

It occurred to me that children have a utopian ability of being illogical, so these beings can exist (I’m not saying they don’t for any children reading this) unfortunately there’s a point at which logic begins to cut in.  

Then you have to learn to question everything and for  me How Why when where became the starting points of so many questions that my dad would say “ask ya mum” 

But then your logic starts to question things that you’ve  grown up with, so imagination is permanently in check, but then there are novelists who can make there imagination logical otherwise we’d not have 

  • Star Trek 
  • Star wars
  • The A team 
  • Airwolf 
  • Knight rider 

But then Santa is a brand who’s attire changed in recent history because Coca cola own his brand, therefor he wears red. 

Logic can like anything of the human intellect take things to infinity and beyond. 


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