This journey of mine over the last 2 years has taught me strategies deal with my own anxieties. 

Also how to recognise the early seeds and growth of a potential anxiety or gremlin

 so my decision is this, STOP 

  • Stop: measuring my life by other people’s achievements
  • Stop: the small things wind me up
  • Stop: putting my hand in the fire, when it is of no benefit to myself. ie taking on other people problems.
  • Stop: lowering my standards or raising them impossibly high to suit others
  • Stop: judging people by my standards 

Instead I’ve decided 

  • I can only ever do my best in anything I do. 
  • I should be true to myself,my beliefs values and ethics 
  • Change what I can,leave alone what I cannot.
  • React as an adult,not as a chimp even when the chimp is right the assertive human should enable the chimps thinking.

These are just a few thoughts that will make my life better 


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