The day, any day 

In a post a long time back, I explained my dad’s love of watching the world cone to life, and also for  me, the world go back sleep. 

It’s early but Stella and I are walking, the world is slowly waking up but then last night I got to watch the world fall asleep too  it’s amazing when rush hour dies down how easy driving is. 

Back to this morning, I can hear the early warm up of the dawn chorus, the crunch of me feet on the ground an aircraft breaks in,East to west so coming home I’d guess. I can’t smell much as my nose is bunged up. I see what my torch illuminates, mainly leaves that havw died off after falling from the ancient trees along with mere silhouettes of the dormant trees. 

Merely 10 minutes further on I can make out the grass from the treeline and begin to differentiate between the trees. 

I wonder why dad and I like this so much, is it an emotional connection and therefore chimp or us it something deeper making it intellect. 


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