Anxious rather than depressed 

In reading Emma Tripplet’s new book Stepping out of the clouds, and posts on a Facebook group, I realise I was not depressed but my anxieties were definitely leading towards it. 

My clear anxieties 

  • Road rage (nothing serious just swearing at other drivers behaviour) 
  • Suspicion over something my dad said to me the last time I saw him
  • Expecting the worst.(my partner to leave, losing my job, etc) 

There are many more, but between Emma and the chimp paradox I’ve worked on strategies to calm the rising anxiety. 

  1. Road rage: I now find myself not thinking what could have happened, but dismissing the drivers behaviour, 
  2. The suspicion: I have had to accept I’ll never know what my dad was gonna say
  3. Expecting the worst: I’ve been with Louise 7 years, so the likelihood is minimal, but the same as the job if it happens I’ll deal with it. 

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