The gremlin of being late 

I know I’m not the only one who has this gremlin, but as long as everything runs according to my routine, I’m fine but as soon as I realise I’m running late, my heart skips a beat, and I panic, but then in most situations I can catch up. if I’ve over slept by fifteen minutes i know I can catch up, as my routine allows me an hour before I must be out the door.

I’m not so bad when I’m up and out, I know the roads can make me late, I don’t like being late though in general though, I’d always prefer to be an hour early than a minute later.  

I guess this comes from working in many time pressured jobs

  • Being fined for missing a 9am or 10am delivery
  • Missing a time slot for  which your customer gets fined. try explaining to the over zealous traffic marshal that you were held up in traffic. 

I could go on, however the autopilots  here must be 

  • You can’t stop time 
  • You can’t account for things beyond your control
  • You can only (as ever) do your best. 
  • You can’t go faster than the guy in front or speed

There are many more. 


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