Nothing quite like it 

For those of you who haven’t the pleasure, this Stella,  Staffordshire Bull Terrier, friend and confident. 

But there’s nothing quite coming home to her excitable tail going so fast it’s a blur. 

I’ve grown up with dogs all my life,  although she’s only my second dog she’s my eighth in my family have always, with one exception buster, had cross breeds. strangely enough buster was a  Cocker spaniel, he was also schizophrenic which as an 6yr old you’ve no understanding of, he was also so interbred his father was his grandfather, and his mother his elder sister. 

I digress, but if I have to be either a dog or cat person, I’m very definitely a dog person (how many times have you seen a cat on a lead) The therapeutic side of dog walking is great, disappearing into the woods, the field or whatever route you have available,  especially now with mobile phones (who’s signals die when not too far from civilisation) taking over the world. 

the times between having a dog are weird, it’s like somethings missing, the ever loyal companion is no longer there. Yes you replace the dog, but you have to learn it’s quirks, character and teach it your rules all over again


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