An exercise in mindfulness 

It’s dark, but I’m in this, field, and I’m gonna attempt to sescrible what I can see, hear and smell. 

  1. See whatever my torch beam lights up. a starry sky with the odd aircraft(we are on Stansted and Luton flightpath. silhouettes of the trees. 
  2. Hear Stella shuffling around. Road traffic And a couple of aircraft and my gentle footfall. the odd screech of a bird of prey possible an owl. 
  3. Smell mainly fresh air, the odd wiff of a dogs toiletries  

Now what I’m aware of around an in me

  • A light headache
  • A slightly stuffy nose 
  • A mildly sore throat 
  • I’m a little bit chesty 
  • And my knees ache. 

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