The tribes in me 

Whilst walking Stella I was talking to a local head teacher I know, who pointed out a big difference i was unaware of,  and rereading my blog a large proportion of my posts are more sociology rather than psychology although they fit in both camps. well she got me thinking as I detailed earlier 

  • I’m a Liverpool Fc fan 
  • England football, cricket and rugby
  • Ex Raf 
  • Ex Raf police 
  • Employee 
  • Part of 2 families 
  • White English male (not racial comment)
  • Not sure religiously, probably more spiritual than religious 

 I could go on, some of these are definitely tribal (or my interpretation of) as I’ve no choice over, my colour, very little choice over my work, I am part of my boss’s working troop but I would not select him or very few of my colleagues to be in mine. 

I am now wondering where my tribal influences may come into conflict 

  • Work and family 
  • Work and football 
  • Family and family as the bridge between mine and my fiancees family. 
  • Racially and religiously although I must state I hate racism. 

There are more potential clashes I’m sure, but this has me thinking at the very least. 


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