Fitting in 

You are either a leader or a follower, and depending on the environment your currently in,  possibly both. 

But in all cases you do your best to fit in, unless you are a sociopath, psychopath (but I will not venture into that discussion) at work you do what you’re asked to do, and get your subordinates to what you subsequently require of them. 

At home (shared Kingdom ) you work with each other to live a good life. 

At play you either fit in to a team, be it football, cricket or whatever or as an individual you fit in where your able, maybe your favourite swim at your favourite venue is not available or the whole lake is booked out for  a match.  

In religion,you do as your led to believe is the right thing, but then there are so many conflicts between just the doctrine of religion, let alone the reality of the leadership of those who claim to speak fir that religion. 


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