The truth the whole truth 

and nothing but the truth. 

I’m in the middle of a destructive almost acidic situation that may have ultimately cost me my dayghter.  I’ve written before about the Web of lies and half truths and how destructive half truths are. But what’s worse fir me is I may never get to the truth. 

Fact “my ex got hold of a half truth that she didn’t choose to challenge, and told my daughter” 

Fact “in speaking to my daughter,  I find that her mum and step father have been lying to her about me” 

Fact “the only possible source of the half truth denies ever speaking to my ex” 

I can’t currently get near my daughter, can’t afford a solicitor,  and do not if social services would or could help.

 Its difficult finding positives from this but I suppose I’ve learned that half truths are more destructive than bare faced lies, because you can deny a lie,  but half truth are based on opinion of the facts as you see them. 


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