In Jun 2012 11 days short of his 82nd birthday my father finally circummed to his ailments and died. 

I never realised until that day, at the age of 40 how much I relied on his council. I became angry and that anger centred on a person who my father had raised my suspicions of. But I’ve realised  (I think) the person I was actually angry at was me, but I didn’t know why. 

After 4 years I think I’ve finally realised why, I rely too much on other people, dad, my mother, brother etc. I guess it’s what led to my problems because if it went wrong I had someone to blame.  

The chimp paradox has made me realise that they were only my council and that I’m responsible for the decisions I took with or without their guidance. 

The question is,how do I learn to trust my own judgement again. 

You just try and stop me now


13 thoughts on “Epiphany 

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