The runner in me 

I run, because it burns off adrenaline, because it keeps me fit and because it helps me psychologically.  

The adrenaline in my system is not a good thing unburnt. It contributes to anger, (correct me of it got that wrong) but burning it,  it’s that drive to keep me rolling, so when I run I am calm for most of the day, if I run in the morning. 

Yes I’m certainly less angry, I’m also the fittest I can be,  as a 44 yr old on and off runner. But I do try to run at least 2x a week. It’s always been in me,  as I’ve written before my first race was a 6.5 mile fun run time raise money fir my scout troop,  then the empire run a 3.5 mile run for the then spastic society Now Scope then as requirement of my time in the RAF in Pt gear and full combats but no burgen, again as a requirement of my job as a lifeguard in my 30s and as a football referee in my early 20s. And now I run just for me. You just try and stop me


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