Heavy week 

It’s been a heavy week, work wise, and my running and weight have suffered for it. I only ran once and that was a 40 minute interval run (10 minute warm up 10x 1 min fast 1 min slow and 10 minute slow down) in which I managed my first three miler for some time. 

I have however courtesy of Runtastic been doing daily press ups, squats and the odd chin up. 

My weight however, I’ve put on 7lbs which I’m not happy about, but then I know I’ll get it off again if I can get some proper runs in this week. 

But then I CAN I CAN I CAN you just watch me!!!!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Heavy week 

    1. 1, I was never obese, 2 surgery has its own problems 3 natural is always best, 4 changing the body doesn’t change the mind, so you need to change your habits. Surgery is not a cure all,


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