What if,  the world ends today. 

I must say im no expert, im just imparting my experiences and my route out. 

Looking back to my own slippery slope, which I feel I was able to put the brakes onto with help, the most toxic question I kept coming back to 

What if….

  • Louise leaves me
  • I lose my job 
  • Mum dies 
  • I never see my brother again  

I could go on for infinity to the title what if the world ends today

OK some of these questions are based in  reality, mum will die but I can enjoy the time I have and worry about that when it happens. 

I do see my brother, and shock, I’ve made my peace with my sister in law. 

Louise and I are strong but shit happens and that doubt came from my ex just dropping a bombshell, whilst I was trying to be a father to my then 3yr old daughter. But if  it does happen I’ll get over  it in time, but I’m not gonna let it spoil the here and now. 


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