Running from depression 

As detailed in yesterday’s post Avoiding the slippery slope to depression I took steps to bring back the old me, the confident me, and the biggest step has been returning to running. 

But be careful, I let myself get bogged down in targets, the right fuel, speed, distance etc when my main, but secondary goal is weight loss and control. I’m not overweight , but my dearly departed father was at my age a fit strong healthy fireman,  but when forced to retire he didn’t change his eating habits. So by the time he died,  he was 20 stone plus. I’ve said before that I’m not judging him,  and I use this positively in that I’m not gonna go the same way.

My point is to concentrate on a couple of related goals but don’t let them overwhelm you. I recently stopped running because I got lost,  I now realise in a list of missed targets. 

But from a depression side of running,  I would almost say I become mindful as all I’m concentrating on is my footsteps. Yes I’m aware of where Stella is, 

however other than that my mind is as clear as when I used to go fishing. Which is another thing I miss and will return to when finances allow



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