Avoiding the slippery slope to depression  

For me, avoiding the slippery slope to depression was about realising I was on it, I wasn’t me, as I’ve said before before I met my ex wife and up to divorce I was a positive person, I suddenly realised I was getting more jaded and negative in my outlook. 

The next step was doing good something about it,  I was on twitter and chanced upon the Old Town Hypnotherapy tweets and the wonderful Emma Tripplet,  also thru Chris Evans on BBC Radio 2 I bought a life changing book,  The chimp paradox,  and between the 2 they continue to change my life, for the more positive person I am again. 

The biggest step following my 2 mentors guidance was step by step changing my approach,  they say a leopard cannot change its spots,  but I believe you can change the way you see those spots.  


One thought on “Avoiding the slippery slope to depression  

  1. I like to call it ‘happiness maintenance’ Richard. If we stop practising the things we need to, we all slide. But as you are so correct in saying, it’s noticing it first, then doing someone to pull yourself out of the dive 🙂 If you’ve done it once, the next time is much easier. You can do it 🙂


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