6 minute hiit 

Started my day in the usual way, coffee then walk Stella for twenty minutes, at roughly 3mph. 

I came home saw my lovely Lou off, to work, then got into a hiit workout consisting of )

Thirty seconds shadow boxing 

Thirty seconds push ups

Twenty seconds rest 

Five sets and my heart was pumping at 140bpm. 

The shadow boxing was more strenuous than I expected, and the push ups destroyed my shoulders, chest and triceps as I varied the style. 

I’ve got my neice/god daughters wedding approaching quickly now, so I think I’m gonna up the fat burning, so that I can fit into my suit comfortably. And blow my budget on shoes and poss a new shirt and tie. 

Financially, mainly thanks to Lou, we’re getting stronger and stronger. Which refers back to recent posts on here, focus on what you can do, for me it’s bringing in the money, and Lou plans the budget each week and month. Working together on things helps and has taught me truly what a relationship is. 

Well get there, because I CAN I CAN I CAN you just watch me!!!!!!!!!!!


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