stormy waters

To quote sir Winston Churchill “when your going thru hell, keep going!” 

I take this to mean, you can either give up, Bury your head in the sand and wait for the inevitable. Or get your head up, plan a route out and get going, on out the other side. 

True it’s not always that easy, especially to see the route out, but it sure isn’t standing still. Stand still and what ever your escaping, whether it’s a physical enemy, or a mental one such as depression, it’ll find you. 

Emma and “the Chimp Paradox!” gave me strategies to change my thinking, it’s amazing how the simple question “do I want…..” helps, do I want this cake, not really, then it’s your chimp hijacking you. And you say to your chimp, “we don’t live in a jungle, where opportunities to feed don’t come along to regularly, we have a fridge or freezer or lunch box full of food, we will eat at the next stop or at a time. 

Or “do I want to feel depressed?” NO  it’s that chimp again, then you have to tell your chimp that you know he’s not happy about something, but you’ll find out what is, possibly with help, and deal with it, or at least Accept, move on and plan. 

I’ve used both these strategies myself, and I’m winning. There’s still a lot I would like to sort out, and I will, or at least Accept, Move on and plan what I can’t change, because I CAN I CAN I CAN you just watch me!!!!!!!!!!


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