What do you see?  The clouds, the choppy but not rough sea, the red sky or the Sunshine breaking through. 

Ive learnt on this journey, to see the positive, not always easy and sometimes i need a prompt, but there is nearly always a silver lining.

I was a naughty boy recently, doing 49mph in a 40, the police who examined The evidence from the average speed camera, gave me a choice, 

1 take the points and a £100 fine 

2 go to court and risk a bigger fine 

3 take a “speed awareness course” 

No brainer really The course has less impact on me, professionally and personally. 

Ever gone into something with preconceptions? I did yesterday, i expected a stuffy room, with uniformed police, lecturing the wrongdoings, and aggressive turnings on the excuses offered, and a classroom of speed demons who didn’t give a hoot. 


The tutors, couldnt be nicer, and there was only one youngster who had an amazingly open mind. The most difficult attitude to change we all worked with, and strangely he was the oldest in the class.  I think we all took something away from the class, if it wasnt the lessons in fuel economy, it was the graphic demo on the supposed vehicle running us all over in just the reaction time before she even moved her foot to the brake. Also for me, if you’re nit certain of the limit, Are there lamposts evenly spaced around you? If so and theres no sign to say otherwise its 30. 

I didnt  write this as a lecture, more as a lesson in pre or better misconceptions. 


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