It’s too hot, my minds thinking so I left Stella at home and did a fast three miles 27.36 seconds, slightly annoyed as the app lost gps on a perfectly clear sunny sky. 

However I tried one of Runtastic motivational run stories, the mirrors edge. in which you are a runner (funnily enough) trying to get info to your handler. 

Well I found it, a positive experience as when it needed me to I could pick up the pace. 

The only negative to story running, I know the outcome so next time it’ll have to be something different. 

Last night I ran for the first time for a couple of weeks so kept it short, but fast an eleven min ten, so these to runs show the body weight sets I’ve been doing are paying off. 

See I tell you I CAN I CAN I CAN you just watch me!!!!!!!!!!


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